Why join us in the cage aquaculture initiative?

1. The Cage Aquaculture Cluster Project is a project of RuralNet Logistics that intends to ease the entry into cage fish farming by medium-resourced individuals or groups who may otherwise find it difficult to enter into fish farming.
2. The idea is to help such producers overcome some of the biding constraints they are likely to face including technical and management skills and the ability to produce at scale that enables them reduce input costs per output.
3. The project helps to mobilise and locate potential farmers on already surveyed and certified waters to operate as a group.
4. This allows them to pull together resources such as technical and general workers and equipment such as boats and together access the needed services including links to input suppliers and more lucrative domestic and regional markets.

Getting started: Let’s walk you in the first steps (Our basic basket of services)

Cluster Formation
Awareness outreach, Providing one-on-one information on cluster approach, Provision of information on the economics, potential locations, markets, etc., Facilitating of up to two meetings between potential cluster members
Cluster Governance
Facilitating discussion on the do’s and don’ts of co-exiting in a cluster
Basic Aquaculture Training
Half-day training of members in aquaculture production and management
Cluster Placement
Dropping cages in the water at the identified site

What else can RuralNet Logistics help you with?

Periodic Monitoring
Technical back stopping as requested with report on visit and recommendations on actions required
Link to market and suppliers
Facilitate cluster MOU with major fish buyers and suppliers
Business Planning
Helping the CIG formulate a business plan to strategically position its business and more clearly set its expansion path. Helpful in case of loan applications
Staff Placement
Recruitment of farm manager, aquaculture technicians, general workers including guards, etc.
Other tailor-made services
RuralNet Logistics will offer other services according to the specific needs of each investor


The initiative will be launched on Chinweshiba Lake in Samfya where RuralNet Logistics partners, Abashila Investments Limited, have established a fish hatchery plant. It is anticipated that this service will spread first in Samfya and then to the rest of Luapula and crossing into Northern Province.


A cluster anchor business, a hatchery run by Abashila Investment Limited, was established in mid-2018 to supply fingerling in Samfya and beyond. The target figerling production is 1 million fingerlings per month in the first year and this will increase to 2 million per month in the second year.


RuralNet Logistics has teamed up with partners who are undertaking Environmental Impact assessments in Itezhi-tehzi to start a fish cluster. We are also exploring an invitation to work with small cage producer on lake Luswishi - this is a growing idea which is fast catching fire. You want to be a part of it? Talk to us!

Value chain

We are developing a fih value chain - We will be calling investors to get into ventures that promote fish production. 1. Feed 2. Fish processing 3. Cold chains 4. Access to markets The aim is to have each cluster produce to a scale that will attract investors to invest in ventures that will create jobs and boost the local economy.

Are you an entrepreneur? investment oriented group? enthusiastic group of young people? Join us!
  • Who can join?
  • Can groups join?
  • What are the benefits of being in a group?

Potential investors include civil servants and entrepreneurs in Samfya; investors in Lusaka, Copperbelt and other line-of-rail towns; and, Zambians living in diaspora.

The Project will thus encourage those coming forward as a group. Ideally, potential cluster members would have known each other before and have had some relationship that would make it easier for them to coexist in a cluster. 

An Aquaculture Cluster Interest Groups (A-CIG) consists of about 5 investors each owning at least one cage. Each investor is an individual investor who enters a collaborative relationship with the other investors to share resources and collaboratively access needed resources. They will share a workforce of a farm manager, at least two aquaculture technicians and three general workers (including guards).

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